Terms & Conditions

Your details

New clients are required to fill in a client record card on their first visit to the salon. This will include contact details and everything I need to know about your dog. Once signed you will agree to the terms and conditions as below.

Your details will never be shared with any other organisations.

I take photographs of my clients dogs to keep a record of preferred look, and also to use on my website and Facebook page. Please let me know if you would prefer me to keep your photos off of social media or the internet.

Your dogs health

Please ensure that all your dogs vaccinations are up to date before coming to us. It is important that you let me know of any pre existing medical conditions your dog may have, especially any which require extra care during grooming i.e skin conditions, lumps, diabetes etc.

I have completed a canine first aid course and in the event of your dog becoming ill or having an accident in my care, I will carry out any basic first aid as needed and contact a local vet if necessary. Any vets costs incurred will be at the owner’s expense in most circumstances.

Fleas – It is recommended that you always use a preventative method of flea treatment available from your vet or pet store. However if I do find any fleas or parasites on your dog during the grooming process, depending on the severity of the infestation, we may call you to collect your dog and return when they are free of them. I am happy to remove an occasional flea or tick and will offer to bath your dog in a gentle repellent shampoo if found. There may be an additional charge depending on any extra time taken and treating my own pets and salon as a result.

Dog behaviour

For my own safety and the safety of other people or animals on the premises I will expect to be informed of any aggressive tendencies your dog has had previously, during grooming or otherwise. I may refuse to finish a groom if there is a risk posed by your dog to myself or any other animals in my care. You will be charged for the time taken.

Having an aggressive or nervous dog on the grooming table can increase the grooming time massively so it is best to let me know before I start.

Matted or neglected coats

Hopefully you will enjoy the bonding experience of regularly brushing your dog at home, and it is recommended to maintain your dogs healthy coat and skin that you brush between grooms. However there are times when dogs fur becomes matted, and the only way to remove the matts is to clip off the entire coat. If left, matted fur can begin to cause other skin problems and be very painful for the dog. In these cases it would be unfair to the dog to spend hours brushing a heavily matted coat as it can be quite painful for them.

Clients will be asked to sign a matted release consent form before the groom is started. Tangley tails will not be liable for any skin problems which arise after clipping as a result of badly matted or otherwise neglected coat.

Additional fees

Cancellations – less than 24hrs notice – 50% of groom cost
No show without contact – 100% of groom cost
Late collection – £5 per hour or part thereof after agreed collection time